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How to train your dog to use a dog lead that stops pulling

How to train your dog to use a dog lead that stops pulling

Do you want a dog lead that stops pulling? For many owners, being dragged around by their dog is far from the relaxing experience they hoped for, while dog walking.


It's easy to understand why many pet owners might feel frustrated, or even cheated by the claims of a "no-pull" headcollar, especially if their dog still pulls when using one. One thing you should know about a dog lead that sops pulling, is that it is a training tool to help stop this behaviour, but it will be far more effective if you spend time training your dog.


Your dog might still be pulling on their no-pull headcollar for several reasons, like being overly excited to explore the big wide world, seeing another dog across the park, or being afraid.


No matter what, the only way to stop your dog from pulling is to deal with its natural reaction to these stimuli.


Train your dog with positive reinforcement so whenever it gets excited or stressed, it looks to you for direction.


What is meant by a dog lead that stops pulling, and how does it work?


A dog lead that stops pulling, or a no-pull headcolla, is a type of dog headcollar that is made to stop or lessen dragging. Most no-pull dog headcollars are made from thin, unlined nylon webbing, which can rub or dig in to your dogs delicate muzzle. Most also only tighten around the muzzle and work by pulling the dog’s head down and to one side, which often results in the other side of the headcollar riding up into their eye and causing discomfort.


You must ensure, when choosing a dog lead that stops pulling, you ensure that it connects to the lead centrally behind the head, not under the chin and that it is well padded around the face.


Remember that when dogs feel tension on a lead, it can make them feel more stressed or encourage them to pull. Don't drag or pull the lead, instead, focus on training your dog to walk with a loose lead.


Overall, if you compare a 2Posh2Pull dog lead that stops pulling to a regular headcollar, the former gives you the following advantages:


  • More control and confidence
  • Better help with training
  • Dog is able to walk with their normal posture and head position
  • Reduced Pulling and Lunging
  • Comfortable, gentle fit for your dog
  • Value for money and longevity
  • Ability to walk with dog on either side, without having to move your lead


How to prevent your dog from pulling?

In addition to using a dog lead that stops pulling, as we've already mentioned, the best way to train your dog to stop pulling, is to teach it how to walk with a loose lead. You must teach your dog that you'll only move forward when the lead is loose and by your side, not when it's tight.


Try one of two things the next time your dog pulls a dog lead that stops pulling.


Option A: Stop moving and wait for it to stop. When it does, praise it, and then keep moving forward.


Option B: Stop moving and turn around to invite your dog to follow you. When it does, appreciate it and keep going in your chosen direction.


Each time the dog pulls, you'll have to do either of these again.


You might initially feel silly when you stop and make U-turns, but this is how you teach your dog to follow your cues, read your body language, and keep up with your pace. You decide how fast and in what direction you walk, not them.


Also, don't give up if the pulling seems to get better but worsens the next time you take your dog out. This is normal, and all you need to do is follow Option A or B again to remind your dog how to behave.


Positive reinforcement training is all about giving your dog treats when they do something good. Remember to praise them or reward them for not pulling or following you when you change directions.


The 2Posh2Pull dog lead that stops puling is a great tool to assist with your training regime.


Most of the time, our dogs want to please us, so the clearer you can be, the easier it will be for them to do what you ask.


How to use a dog lead that stops pulling – wrapping up


Training your dog to stop pulling is hard. But if you’re patient and have a dog lead that stops pulling from 2Posh2pull, you will succeed.


At 2Posh2pull, we are a UK manufacturer of hand-made, customised no-pulling dog leads. Our soft and sturdy headcollars are strong enough to stop even the strongest of pullers. Explore our fantastic selection of fleece colours and fabric patterns, and contact us to order a customised dog lead that stops pulling.

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