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A No Pull Collar For Dogs Vs Traditional Collars

A No Pull Collar For Dogs Vs Traditional Collars: Which Is Better For Training?

A collar is essential for every dog because, apart from their name tag and a medium to hold them close, it also serves as a point of attachment for the dog's lead. If your dog is well-trained and doesn't pull, a traditional collar may be a better option. However, if your furry friend is a new member of the family and hasn’t been trained yet, they would certainly benefit from our no pull collar for dogs.


Choosing the best collar when training dogs to walk politely on a lead can make all the difference. Anti pull dog collars and conventional collars are two common options for dog owners. But which is genuinely superior for training?


In this blog post, we will compare and contrast no pull collars for dogs with regular collars, looking at their features, benefits, and potential problems. We will also tell you how 2Posh2Pull has created the revolutionary headcollar for the ultimate comfort of your pooch.


What Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Collar or Headcollar?


When deciding between a no pull collar for dogs and a traditional collar for your furry companion, it's essential to consider several factors to make the right choice.


  • Assess your dog's behaviour and responsiveness to different training methods. Some dogs may respond better to certain collar types.
  • Identify your training goals and specific issues you want to address, such as lead pulling or aggression. This will help determine which collar is best suited for your dog's needs.
  • Take into account individual preferences and comfort levels for both you and your dog.
  • Seeking guidance from a professional dog trainer or behaviourist can provide valuable insights and ensure you make an informed decision.

Differences Between Traditional Collars & No Pull Collar For Dogs

  • Lead Control: Traditional collars rely on the pressure around the neck, whereas a no pull collar for dogs offers an alternative method of control, by applying pressure to the muzzle and/or head, to discourage pulling in dogs.
  • Comfort & Fit: When it comes to a no pull collar for dogs, many are designed with a focus on stopping pulling, rather than comfort for the dog, which is why you have to select your headcollar carefully and buy from a company that puts comfort first. Traditional collars can vary in comfort levels depending on the materials and design.
  • Training Approach: If used correctly, Anti pull dog collars can play an important role in teaching your dog not to pull on the lead, alongside reward based, positive reinforcement training. A good Anti pull dog collar can make it much easier for your dog to understand what is required of them. Dogs that like to pull, tend to almost enjoy the pressure around their throat when wearing a traditional collar. Often people will tug sharply on the lead to try and stop their dog pulling – this is never successful and is frankly just confusing for your dog (as well as being very uncomfortable and potentially even harmful).


Introducing The 2Posh2Pull Anti Pull Dog Collar!


After countless disappointments with anti-pull dog collars and harnesses that failed to rein in our energetic dogs, we were determined to find a solution that didn't compromise their comfort.


We began to see other dogs wearing headcollars, and we couldn't stand how the straps would constantly ride up into their eyes, forcing the dogs to squint and shift their heads to one side.


We, therefore, set out to create the 2Posh2Pull, which is both gentle and robust, as well as cosy and effective. Walking your dog will never be the same once you have our anti pull dog collar!


It prevents pulling without irritating the skin, irritating the eyes, or twisting the neck or spine.


There are a wide variety of fleece colours and fabric patterns to choose from, so your furry friend can express his or her individuality with our hand made products.


How Does The 2Posh2Pull No Pull Collar For Dogs Work?


The design of the 2Posh2Pull anti pull dog collar is made up of a double layer fleece lined figure 8 section, with one loop going around the dog’s muzzle and the other loop going around the dog’s head. This connects to a separate pull tight section that sits behind the dog’s head and is where you attach your lead.


Strong, active dogs that are likely to jump and/or pull benefit from our no pull collar for dogs. Your dog will have much less leverage to tug on the lead with their full body weight when the collar is on.


The effectiveness of the head collar depends on its precise fit. Getting your dog used to a head collar may take some time, patience, and incentives. Start by putting it on your dog for brief periods of time while rewarding him or her with lots of high-value treats.


Always remember: They shouldn't wear it unless they're being walked on a lead. Don't leave your dog wearing the head collar when off lead; eventually, they may figure out how to remove it and you could lose it, or it may even end up as a chew toy!


Find out more about the functionality, features and colour/pattern options available on our website. Contact us: info@2posh2pull.co.uk or call us on 07729114484 for more details.

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