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Measuring & Fitting Guide

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Dog

Measuring your dog is easy - use a soft tape measure and start at the back of the head, just behind the ears.

Step 1

Bring the tape down the side of the jawline, underneath the chin.

Step 2

Loop the tape up and over the muzzle.

Step 3

Bring the tape back down, under the chin (to cross over itself.)

Step 4

Bring the tape up the other side of the jawline to meet the tape at the back of the head.

How-to Videos

Breed Size guide

*BREED INFORMATION IS A ROUGH GUIDE* - Please measure your dog to ensure a perfect fit

Small (18-22 inches)

Jack Russell
Miniature Schnauzer
Border Terrier
King Charles Spaniel

Medium (23-27 inches)

Border Collie
Smaller Dalmatian
Smaller Dobermann
Australian Shepherd
Smaller Vizsla
Standard Poodle
Sprocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Smaller German Short Haired Pointer

Large (28-32 inches)

Irish Setter
Smaller Malamute
Larger Dalmatian
Larger Dobermann
Smaller Labrador
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Smaller Siberian Husky
Larger German Short Haired Pointer
Smaller German Shepherd

XL (33-37 inches)

Larger Malamute
American Akita
Small Great Dane
American Bulldog
Larger Sibererian Husky
Larger Labrador
Japanese Akita
Smaller Rottweiler
Larger German Shepherd

XXL (38-42 inches)

St Bernard
Large Great Dane
Large Rottweiler

Giant (42-47 inches)

Large St Bernards
Large Mastiff
(Suitable for the largest of giant breed dogs)

If your dog falls in between sizes, please choose the size below.

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