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What's the difference between the luxury and the original range?

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They are both the same in terms of strength and comfort, the difference is purely cosmetic - the central webbing on the luxury range is lined in your choice of fabric. The original range has black unlined central webbing. The original range is the most hard-wearing, as the fabric on the luxury range can rip and fray over time. 

Are they machine washable?

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Yes, you can wash all products in the washing machine  on a 30 degree cycle. Best to pop into a pillowcase first to protect your machine from the metal parts. It is recommended to wash them at least every month or so, to keep the webbing supple. 

Where do I attach my lead?

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The lead attaches to the strap behind the head.

How do they work?

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They work by tightening at the back of the head, when the dog tries to pull forward. This applies an even pressure across the head. As soon as the dog stops pulling the pressure stops. 

My current headcollar rides up into my dogs eyes and irritates them, will the 2posh2pull do this too?

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No, the 2Posh2Pull won't ride up into the eyes at all. 

Will I need to keep swapping the lead from side to side, if my dog changes which side of me he is walking on?

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No, your dog can swap sides freely, without you needing to do anything. 

My 2Posh2Pull seems to have lost the figure 8 shape.

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Please watch this video to find out what to do if your 2Posh2Pull has lost its figure of 8 shape.

I have used a headcollar before, but it rubbed my dogs nose and caused hair loss. Will this do the same?

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No, the 2posh2pull is lined with a double layer of super soft fleece, so it won't rub or cause any hair loss. 

Do I need the collar connector strap?

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The collar connector strap is optional, but highly recommended for security. It connects the headcollar to the neck collar, so that if your dog ever managed to escape the headcollar, you would remain connected to them. 

How wide is the face strap?

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This varies depending on which size you choose. The small is approx 17-18mm wide, the medium is approx 20-21mm wide and the large and bigger sizes are approx 24-25mm wide. 

My dog has a very short snout (ie a Boxer) - can I get a slimmer face strap?

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Yes, please just pop a note in the comments box during checkout and your headcollar will be made with slimmer webbing on the face section. Please note: Custom sized products are only returnable if faulty.

I've received my 2posh2pull but don't know how to fit and adjust it properly.

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Please click here to watch the fitting video

How do I know what size to order?

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You will need to measure your dog's head to find the perfect fit. If you don't have a soft tape measure, you can use a piece of string or ribbon, then lay it out flat to measure afterwards. Always take a snug/tight measurement.

How do I measure my dog for a 2posh2pull?

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Please click here to see the step by step measuring guide. There is a short video to help you measure too.

I have received my item but have ordered the wrong size, can I return it?

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Yes, there is a 14 day money back guarantee, as long as its returned in a clean, undamaged condition. Please see the returns policy for more information.

Can I buy a matching body harness for my dog?

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Yes, we make made to measure harnesses, which you can customise by adding an extra connection point on the chest, an escape proof waist section and/or a grab handle on the back. Please see the Body Harness section under the Shop menu for colours and pricing.

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