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An Introduction to Anti-Pull Dog Head Collars: How They Work and Why They're Effective

An Introduction to Anti-Pull Dog Head Collars: How They Work and Why They're Effective

An anti-pull dog head collar can give you much more control over your boisterous dogs if they pull a lot on their lead. Here at 2Posh2Pull, we take great pride in creating products that are not only good for you as a dog owner, but good for the dog as well.

If you find yourself being dragged on your regular walks, it may be time to take a look at some different options for dog walking supplies.

For instance our anti-pull dog head collar, designed especially to reduce pulling, can provide you with greater control when out for a walk and help your dog develop better lead manners. It may make walks more enjoyable and stop your dog from harming themselves by wearing an anti-pull dog head collar.

An Introduction to Anti-Pull Dog Head Collars

Why are our Anti-pull Dog Head Collars better than normal ones? 

If your dog is wearing a regular dog collar, they may strain forward and put a lot of pressure on their throat, especially if you hold the lead or pull it back.

No matter how big your dog is, this kind of pressure might injure their neck, especially if they are a smaller breed. Excessive pulling by small dogs can cause serious damage to their delicate throats and tracheas.

Furthermore, excessive pulling may cause undesirable behaviours. Let's say that whenever your dog sees another dog, they pull. Your pooch then starts to associate you holding them back, jerking the lead or dragging them away, with other dogs. An association you do not want your dog to be making!

So, what's the solution to this? Anti-pull Dog Head Collars! 

They allow you to have peaceful walks by ending the leash battle between you and your dog. 

How Do Our Anti-pull Dog Head Collars Work?

The best anti-pull dog headcollars should not just tighten around the muzzle, or pull your dog’s head down and to one side. They should connect to the lead centrally behind the head, to allow your dog to walk with their normal posture and they should not ride up into, or irritate the eyes at all.

Whilst wearing an anti-pull dog headcollar, your dog should be able to walk normally and open their mouths to pant, drink or take a treat.

They should also be able to walk on either side of you, without you having to keep flipping the lead over their head, like you do with most other anti-pull dog headcollars.

Original 2Posh2Pull:

This collar is the original product for which our company has become a household name. This collar stops tugging softly without riding up into the eyes or bending the head/spine to one side. There is no need to continuously switch the lead from side to side when the dog changes direction because it is connected to the lead centrally behind the head.

Luxury 2Posh2Pull:

This category has a range of attractive fabric designs to really make your pup stand out from the crowd. With 7 gorgeous fabric designs and 8 different fleece colours, you can customise your anti-pull dog headcollar to your exact requirements.

How Do You Effectively Train Your Dog Not to Pull on the Lead Over Time?

Please ensure that you follow our How to Fit video to make sure your anti-pull dog headcollar is fitted correctly. Incorrect fitting can stop the headcollar working properly and can also make it easy for your dog to escape from.

The no-pull head collar should be viewed as a training aid. Yes, it will certainly help stop pulling by itself, but ideally, you'll also be teaching your pet that they can only move forward if their leash is slack and that they must come to a halt if it is tight.

Rewarding any healthy behaviour is the key. Reward your dog for checking in with you by looking in your direction or for walking with their shoulder in line with your calf or thigh. Give them a treat to reinforce how happy you are with them! They can then begin forming better habits.

These habits are more likely to occur the more frequently they are awarded. Treats, as well as your focus and a loosened lead, can serve as good rewards and really help your dog understand the behaviour you are expecting from them.

Final Thoughts

It is critical that your dog is not cooped up for the majority of the day with nothing to do. Since they are eager to explore and interact with their surroundings, they may pull more once they get outside. So, along with an anti-pull dog head collar, you need to make sure your dog enjoys their time with you during the walk. That is where we hope our products can help!

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